Happy Easter! What’s cooking?

Happy Easter! What’s cooking?

A small update from the DDDAC world

It is hard to be consistent in ones blogging I must admit. LOL, I thought I would be constantly blogging after I quit my busy day job one month ago. I spent the March month to pick up on many things which were lying around in my live. Including playing (finally) a lot of golf rounds and work around the house and garden. of course this will go on, but I also feel the thrill for the audio hobby is strong as it never has been before!

In order to not disappoint anyone coming back to this site, finding no updates and have no clue what he or she will be able to expect in the near and middle term, I like to give you a short and definitely not 100% complete overview on what to expect next… Just see it as my Easter eggs for you 😉

This is what I am actually working on (or finished but never published):

In no particular order (some surprise must be build in 😉 )

  • Final measurements I did on capacitors and ultra caps (with my view why the latter improve sound !)
  • Final setting and alignment with computer aided tools for my Garrard 301 and LINN LP12 turntables
  • The DDDAC MC PRE PRE amplifier for MC cartridges (This board is ready and will be available for sale)
  • Single ended head phone “amplifier”. Actually a single ended MOSFET buffer, DC coupled and with DC servo
  • Further experiments with the PCM17xx family of DAC chips in “No Filter” mode with local re-clocking
  • A full tube, MU stage based, universal tape head amplifier with CCIR and NAB equalizer (Boards will be available)
  • A major upgrade of my workshop (now that I am going to spend more time there….)
  • Building a TWEAK DDDAC 1794 and actually do tweaks and report on differences
  • Review of “The Snakeoil Company” Mains Harmonizer – https://thesnakeoilcompany.nl/
  • Noise and PSU Testing (Rigs)
  • Master Tape and old sixties commercial pre-recorded tapes compared to their digitized tracks
  • Listening tests on WIFI versus LAN connection of my streamer
  • DIY design of an “audiophile” ethernet SWITCH based on OEM available parts and boards
  • Review of the “Well tempered clock” from Andrea (from the DIY forum group buy)
  • Finishing my Gydinel Loudspeaker filters with computer aided tools

The above list is of course not complete ( !!! ) Things will just pop up in between or are not mentioned….

As you will see, enough to do…. Just check back so now and than to see what is next or even better; subscribe to my email notification at the right hand side of this page.

Thanks for your interest and hope to see you soon.
Happy Easter to all of you!


No BLOG without pictures “they” say, so here you go !

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  1. Glad all in retirement is well! I look forward to reading all those topic Doede ?

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