DDDAC (Sowter) Output Transformer

DDDAC (Sowter) Output Transformer


DDDAC (Sowter) Output Transformer

Available on backorder


If you really want something extraordinary good as an output option in stead of a couple capacitor

Made on my personal specifications by Brian Sowter
Balanced input to balanced or single ended output / Total DDDAC DAC output gain is 12dB or 6dB (optional)


Best to be used with 4 Decks to achieve low-Freq cut-off of 14Hz
(2 Decks will be 28Hz, 3 Decks 19Hz)

For stereo, you need 2 of course 😉


Already in the very early days of the DDDAC I wanted to be able to use the PCM1794 to it full content in Mono Mode by means of an OPT. This would give the following benefits:

  • Effectively doubling the number of DACs (like doubling the number of Decks in single ended mode
  • Lowering THD, as the second harmonic will be almost cancelled out (Like a balanced power amplifier)
  • Isolating the DAC from the next stage amplifier
  • Offering a possibility to use XLR balanced outputs
  • Having a possibility to add gain or make a TVC (Volume control) version out of it. E-Mail me if you are interested – on special order 3 Months.

Here is the blog with much more detail and background:




Additional information

Weight 0,725 kg
Dimensions 7,2 × 6,3 × 4,5 cm

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