My new Revox PR99

My new Revox PR99

Rediscovering Reel to Reel

I recently re-discovered the joy of Reel to Reel music reproduction. I started with an old, somewhat refurbished 4 track NAB Revox B77 with 3.75 and 7.5 ips speed. I use this one for the simple work, experimenting with electronics and playing the wonderful old pre recorded tapes from the sixties (these are all US standard NAB) !

Master Tapes…

Of course, at some point, I also wanted to record my own master tapes in studio quality. I still have hundreds of old 7″ singles I want to clean (De-Gritter…) and record in nice meaningful “playlists” – so I started looking for a Revox PR99. But this one should be really like new. Not just a bit overhauled (like the B77) and still lots of work needed (by me or someone else). Long story short, I found what I wanted at Authentic Sound ( ), run by the very friendly and knowledgeable Ralf Nadolski. He had a TOTALLY from scratch rebuilt PR99 MK3 for sale. The specialty of this one was that the overhaul would be officially done by the head of the technical & service department from Revox themselves. Literally every moving part and the tone heads were new. What could go wrong? Well nothing, so I ordered it to my request: 2 track CCIR with 15.0 and 7.5 ips speed. Good work take some time, so after a few weeks I got the news it was ready for pick up! So in the car and on my way to his store in Worms.

Adeus Elysium SL MKII
Adeus Elysium SL MKII

Ralf is a true audio fanatic as well, so we had a great morning listening to music and his beautiful Adeus Elysium SL MKII horn loudspeakers – what a beauties… If you are ever in the neighborhood of Worms, pay him a visit, you will not be disappointed 🙂

Authentic Sound - Show Room -
Authentic Sound – Show Room

The PR99 is playing already since a couple of weeks to my full satisfaction. I bought a few real master tapes from STS and Opus 3 and must say, it is incredible what is possible with these pre recorded tapes… I will not start reviewing those here – there is enough written on this topic. I was speechless any way, LOL. So, I am a happy man and look forward to many years of joy with my two tape decks!

What’s next?

Everyone knows that DDDAC never sits still developing and building stuff. So yes, I am working right now on a Tape Head Amplifier with tubes and passive equalization – selectable NAB / CCIR at speeds from 3,75 to 15 ips… As soon as the PCBs have arrived and I can do some first proto type build, you will read it here…. On the topic of Equalization in general I will publish another blog soon…

Revox PR99 mk3

Till then, I will have to spend some more time in my listening room with my new toy 🙂 which is not a problem I guess..

2 thoughts on “My new Revox PR99

  1. Drool!
    I like the way the head assembly ‘stands out’ on these later R2R machines. Much easier to access the heads and spool the tapes etc. I ‘only’ have a Nov 1971 A77 which has been in the family since 1972. Amazing machine.


  2. Indeed Eric, it is clear Revox wanted to have more access to studios. Hence the version 3 was without any mixing options (need to be done at the mixing table) – Indeed great machine, also mechanically even more smooth than by B77

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