Welcome to the world of DDDAC!

Welcome to the world of DDDAC!

I started using this Blog-Site subdomain from dddac.com to blog my audio adventures 🙂

Doede from DDDAC Audio Design

I will be starting to post here several topics and projects.

As I have some projects done in the past, it will not be all very chronological, but more what I like to show for now – It will be all in random order

I just finished a nice story on the Cleo 7: A MU Stage pre amplifier with the 6N30P. Here is a nice picture from my work shop where things like this are designed, build and tested 🙂

DDDAC Workshop
DDDAC Workshop

and here is where the music plays! well… and also movies run. It is a combined listening room and home cinema. Screen rolls down from the ceiling. That is also why there are so many other speakers in the room (7.1)

some call this my man cave 😉 well, there is some truth in that !

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the world of DDDAC!

  1. Brilliant idea I will certainly put it on my bar on top the browser! For you cave you will only need to have something vaulted, made out of muslin and painted thickly with a plaster type of paint, afire pit in the middle and you are there for the most perfect cave ever!

  2. looking forward to it Doede. I’d love to have both “the beloved old” and the new!

    Curious what the stacking beyond dual mono will be like as mainboard and dacboards will be one.

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