DDDAC Moving Coil (MC) Pre-Pre-Amplifier (Fully assembled board)

DDDAC Moving Coil (MC) Pre-Pre-Amplifier (Fully assembled board)


DDDAC Moving Coil (MC) Pre-Pre Amplifier Board

Custom Gain from 5x to 25x

10 in stock (can be backordered)

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Design Criteria for the MC PRE PRE:

  • No coupling capacitor at the input because of the extremely fine input signals.
  • Noise contribution to be very low. Typical goal >70dB S/N ratio @ 0,5mV input signal.
  • No opamps or anything needing Negative Feedback.
  • A nice linear tube without negative feedback would be optimal, but they generate too much noise for these low signal levels.
  • A J-FET at the input, it works very much like a tube in MU-Stage configuration

It is a fully, assembled SMD-Board with custom Gain setting (Done by me with an AP2333 Audio Analyzer)

The gain will be set by me personally and is by choice of the customer.
I will contact you to agree on the desired gain setting.

Final specifications:

Gain 5 to 25 (will be factory set on demand)
Input Impedance 1k Ohm *)
Output Impedance Aprox. 200 – 500 Ohm
Bandwidth (within 0 – 1,5dB) 0 – 200kHz
Distortion at 10mV signal input d2: 0,1%
d3: 0,0025%
Output noise with inputs shorted (i.e. amplifier noise contribution) ~20nV / SQRT(Hz)
Size 58 x 73 mm (Mounting holes 50 x 65 mm – Dia. 3,5 mm)
Power supply (DC) ~15V DC >100mA (per board)
Audio Grade recommended. Minimum 13.0V for proper functioning of embedded Tent Shunt Regulator
*) Without Cartridge load which should be added depending on type cartridge – NOT included!.




Additional information

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 6 × 7 × 2 cm
Custom Gain Setting

Gain 5x
Gain 10x
Gain 15x
Gain 20x
Gain 25x

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